Class Action Election Lawsuit Filed Against Dominion Voting Systems, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, & Others.

Voters from multiple states have filed a class-action lawsuit against Dominion Voting Systems, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, his wife, Priscilla Chan, and certain state officials for $160 billion. These voters are currently represented by Attorney’s Gary Fielder, and Ernest Walker. Resulting from the interference seen in the 2020 U.S. Presidential election, a group of registered voters has filed a class-action lawsuit in the 10th Circuit federal court in Denver, Colorado for civil rights violations alleging infringement of free speech, due process, and the right to vote.  The lawsuit is asking for more than $160 billion dollars in compensatory damages.

“The Defendants have infringed upon the rights of every registered voter in America,” says Attorney Ernest Walker, one the Plaintiffs’ attorneys that filed the suit in federal court in Denver, Colorado.

The class action lawsuit alleges that two industry giants — Dominion Voting Systems and Facebook — collaborated with state officials and used over $400 million of private funding from tech billionaire Mark Zuckerberg to effectively preselect a winner, delegitimize election integrity, and suppress voices of dissent. Attorney Gary Fielder, one of the attorney’s representing the plaintiffs in the case said; “We believe there is already sufficient evidence of fraud and manipulation to clearly demonstrate election interference.”.

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Election Watch

Why Target Dominion Voting Systems In This Class Action Lawsuit?

The lawsuit alleges Dominion Voting Systems, one of the largest election technology vendors in the country, violated the equal protection and due process rights of registered voters in the 2020 presidential election. The Plaintiffs contend that Dominion’s voting machines do not record the vote expressed by the voter, are associated with known risks of hacking and high error rates than can cause vote changes, do not produce a convincing public record, and are unable to be effectively audited to ensure results.

The suit also claims that Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, improperly funneled over $400 million dollars through Defendant, Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), to pay ballot harvesters, fund illegal drop-boxes, deputize and pay political activists to manage ballots and, among other things, pay local election officials to recruit other cities and counties to apply for the “grants” offered by CTCL. As outlined in the 84 page compliant, by becoming “inextricably woven” in the presidential election process, Zuckerberg and Chan used their enormous wealth and his corporate and alleged charitable alter-egos to establish and fund illegal vote collection and counting networks, while quashing dissenting voices on the world’s largest social media network.”

Why Target Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan, & The Zuckerberg Chan Foundation?

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, and his wife caught media attention and legal scrutiny when they initially contributed more than $400 million to the tech oligarch’s Center of Tech and Civic Life, a far-left foundation and Democrat-run group, which was used to funnel vast sums of private money to key Democrat swing precincts to fund alternative voting arrangements with the goal of influencing election outcomes.  The Governors and other state election officials involved in the certification of votes from Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia were also involved in the scheme.  “These state officials authorized the use of faulty voting equipment and disparate voting access to shape turnout and achieve predetermined results, and knowingly certified provably fraudulent and illegal votes to achieve those results.”

Who Are The State Officials That Were Named In The Lawsuit?

Several state officials serving as Secretaries Of State, Governors, and others, have been individually named as defendants in the 2020 Class Action Election Lawsuit. From states such as Michigan, Arizona, & Wisconsin. These individuals were named personally rather than in their official capacity; because if any of the allegations are true, this means they stepped outside the duties and purview of their office, acting of their own personal accord, and as such should be held accountable personally, and not able to hide behind a state full of people that had nothing to do with those choices or their rights being violated.

What’s Different About This Election Lawsuit?

This lawsuit differs from others filed concerning the 2020 Presidential election. Rather than seeking to determine the legitimacy of the election outcome, this is a class action lawsuit that seeks compensatory damages for all American registered voters who each have had their civil rights infringed. Attorney Gary Fielder noted, “Our lawsuit acknowledges that what occurred during the Presidential election has already caused damage to all Americans, and that it can only be remedied by financial compensation.”

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