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I’m John Piccone, Chairman of the Board for Election Watch, and one of the founding members. Our other founders and members include James Wiley our CEO, Neil Yarbrough, and Douglas Evans. I’m here today to answer some of the questions that have arisen from people inquiring about the movement we started, known as Election Watch.

What Is Election Watch?

Election Watch is a 501(c)3 foundation that was founded to make an impact in the fight against election manipulation and uphold the rights of voters across the country.

Why did your group found Election Watch?

Election manipulation is one of the most prevalent forms of political corruption worldwide. It negatively affects populations, economies, cultures, and the environment. Free and fair elections are a right in the United States and in many other countries around the world, but that is often not what is received in the process.

In the events leading up to the 2020 Presidential election, and even pre/post the 2016 election, it became clear that there was underhanded manipulation going on across the traditional media, and social media platforms, intended to impact the upcoming elections. It was also evident that individuals in positions of wealth and power were wielding significant resources in elections to sway the outcome in favor of candidates they found favorable for various reasons.

Seeing these things going on has led to national unrest relating to politics, politicians, media networks, and their agendas, relating to how they choose to govern our nation and the undue influences that are had on our culture, economy, leadership, and overall health of our nation. The people are no longer confident that our voting process, or their votes, matter. We’re here to make an impact, all of our votes matter, as does the vote as a whole.

What are your goals with this organization?

We want to bring light to issues relating to election manipulation that result in affecting what should be free and fair elections in our country, and eventually to help make the same positive impact around the world. Our focus is to find and stop bad actors that wield different forms of power and influence over politics, and hold them accountable when they cross the line.

This is a delicate topic, and as such, we have to proceed with care. Just because something has influence, doesn’t make it manipulation. Looking at different situations closely and offering unbiased scrutiny to determine if there may have been a form of what could be considered foul play. We can then publish our findings and bring attention to the important issues facing our electoral system.

What are the current actions being taken or supported by Election Watch?

We are currently supporting a class action lawsuit related to the 2020 Presidential Election. The lawsuit is pursuing penalties against those that have been shown to have improperly wielded power in their positions. Seeking financial damages, being sought in the amount of $1000 for each of the approximately 160 million voters. Making the total damages sought, $160 Billion.

We believe that by penalizing those that were found to unethically and immorally manipulate the election, we avoid the pursuit of other actions that would further restrict our rights. No one wants to see George Orwell turn out correct, his visions are best left as warnings to those that might otherwise intentionally or accidentally restrict our natural rights. Penalizing bad actors, and preserving our rights, is the right move for our nation to restore faith in the system.

Where do you see Election Watch going over the next years?

After we establish a foundation here in the United States of America, we would then begin expanding to other countries such as the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Australia, Spain, and others. Every democratic country deserves free and fair elections. The will of the people are supposed to govern the nation. Not the agendas afforded by politicians, companies, and the wealthy. We want to help ensure that nations around the world experience their freedom, properly.

How can people become a part of the movement?

We think this is something that our country and it’s communities should take part in. Join the movement online and in your community. Donate to the movement and show support for free and fair elections. Or Volunteer your time to furthering the cause to help protect our rights. Subscribe to our email list and join our groups and pages that can be found on all major social channels to keep up on vote integrity issues, and election manipulation problems.

Election Watch

More coming soon, stay tuned..

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